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"Philosophy of Education"

2014 year, number 3

Philosophy of education of the XXI century: new guidelines and new opportunities

V. A. Kolesnikov
Irkutsk regional teacher education college, 53, str. 5-I Railway, Irkutsk, 664074
Keywords: education, above-institutionalrole of education, post-non-classical scientific picture of the world, fact of science in the Humanities, comprehension, subject-subject relations, the mission of education, revolutionizing (nonviolent) force of education, education as an essential condition for the formation of the national idea in the country, sidedness in the development of modern social relations


In the article, on the basis of the educationgenesis, there is realized an attempt of theoretical-conceptual understanding of the contemporary social reality, which is the basis for the development of contemporary education, as a necessary condition for the positive-constructivist transformation of the society. There are described the essential challenges that modern education has failed to cope with (or has not noticed them).The purpose of the article is to show, on one hand, the need to overcome the standard and traditional approach of considering education as a whole which does not meet the realities of the time, on the other hand, the need to avoid segmental innovations in education and, as a consequence, the need for the transition to a global strategic updatingof the essence of educational sphere as the major vector in the enhancing of the transformation of our society. The article identifies theguidelines of education of the new century, its different mission in our daysthat will allow this sphere of social activity of the society to occupy an above-institutional position and promote modernization reforms in the country.