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Philosophy of Sciences

2014 year, number 1

Semantic information and approaches to its assessment.
Part 1. Semantic–pragmatical and logical-semantic concepts

O.V. Zerkal
Moscow State University, Moscow
Keywords: information, semantic logic, conception


The paper analyzes approaches to solution of the problem of semantic content of the conception of information within the semantic theory of information, the latter includes semantic-pragmatical, logical–semantic and semiotic conceptions. It shows that the semantic-pragmatical approach bases on assessment of the semantic aspect of information solely through its pragmatical component and the concept "contents of information" is coordinated with the concept "information value". Also, the paper considers the modal, probabilistic, and systemic approaches within the theories of "weak" and "strong" semantic information (TWSI and TSSI by L.Floridi) and gives critical remarks on basic positions of "the theory of strong semantic information".