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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2013 year, number 3

Phytophilic Zoocoenoses of Lake Teletskoe

Institute for Water and Environmental Problems SB RAS, 656038, Barnul, Molodezhnya str., 1
Keywords: phytophilic macroinvertebrates, diversity, spatial distribution, Lake Teletskoe


Composition, structure and spatial distribution of zoobenthos and zooperiphyton at plant-filled regions of the littoral of Lake Teletskoe were analyzed. A dependence of the taxonomic composition, number and biomass of zoobenthos on vegetation type was discovered. A multilevel character of the distribution of invertebrates in macrophyte overgrowth was showed. Anlysis of the trophic structure of the communities of macro-invertebrates revealed predominance of algodetritophagous animals in zooperiphyton. The role of plant overgrowth as a «life concentrator in oligotrophic lake was revealed.