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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2013 year, number 3

Distribution of Rheophil Benthos in the Mountainous Rivers of Tuva with Subaerial Deltas

1Tuva Institute of Integrated Development of Natural Resources SB RAS, 667007, Kyzyl, Internаtsionаlnаya str., 117а
2Novosibirsk State University, 630090, Novosibirsk, Pirogov str., 2
Keywords: rheophil benthos, population, amphibiotic insects, mayflies (Ephemeroptera), stoneflies (Plecoptera)


Features of the formation and existence of the benthos population of amphibiotic insects, mainly mayflies (Ephemeroptera) and stoneflies (Plecoptera), in small rivers with subaerial deltas were studied in Central Tuva as example. The life of biota, first of all benthos, was revealed to be a complicated combination of migration, drift and re-drift of the uneven-aged larva of amphibiotic insects, which exhibit definite seasonal confinement to different parts of these rivers along their channels, coinciding with the seasonal dynamics of watering and food capacity.