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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2013 year, number 3

Spatial and Typological Arrangement of the Winter Bird Population in Central Altay

1Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology SB RAS, 656049, Barnаul, Nikitin str., 111
2State Natural Reserve “Tigireksky”
3Gorno-Altaysk State University, 649000, Gorno-Altaysk, Lenkin str., 1
Keywords: bird population, classification, spatial-typological structure, Central Altay


On the basis of the results of winter route censuses of birds at the territory of Central Altay, an hierarchical classification of bird species was filed with the help of multidimensional factor analysis on the basis of similarity in distribution, classification of population; the spatial-typological organization was described. Major environmental factors that determine non-uniformity of bird distribution were revealed. It was demonstrated that the classification of bird species and population in the Central Altay province and the Altay in general, similarly to its separate provinces, as well as the mountains of Southern Siberia, is similar. The structure of winter population depicts the arched character of differences in the main row, which is characteristic of the mountains in the south of Siberia in general, though somewhat less than for the summer period. The system of environmental factors approximating the spatial non-uniformity of ornithocomplexes is close both to the system revealed previously for the Altay in general and to its separate provinces and mountains of southern Siberia. Bird distribution coincides first of all with the forestation and anthropogenic impact on a territory. These factors mainly determine the food and shelter capacity of habitats.