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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2013 year, number 3

Influence of Ecological Factors on the Growth of Crustaceans of Artemia genus in Ural and Siberian Populations

FSEE HPE Tyumen State Agricultural Academy, FSUE Gosrybcenter, 625023, Tyumen, Odesskaya str., 33
Keywords: artemia, morphometric anlysis, fluctuating asymmetry


Morphometric analysis of the crustaceans of Artemia genus in nine Siberian populations was carried out. The effects of total mineralization of water reservoirs and some ions on the characteristics of Artemia growth were revealed. The number of setae on furca and its length are the most affected by the factors under consideration. A trend to decrease the manifestation of fluctuating asymmetry with an increase in total mineralization of water reservoirs was observed.