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Atmospheric and Oceanic Optics

2013 year, number 4

Spectral observations of the total ozone content variation in Obninsk and Tomsk in 2011 and 2012

G.A. Ivlev, B.D. Belan, V.M. Dorokhov, N.V. Tereb
Keywords: atmosphere, total ozone, spectrophotometer, polar vortex, anomaly


The total ozone plays an important role in understanding the processes occurring in the atmosphere and climate changes. In the spring, between March and April 2011 in the city of Tomsk (56.5°N, 85.1°E) reported anomalous ozone losses. In comparison with the long-term mean values ​​of ozone reduction the ozone losses reached 30–35%. Based on the analysis of measurements of a ground-based spectrophotometer Brewer MKIV S/N 049, satellite and balloon data of ozone sounding in Salekhard (66.5°N, 66.7°E), the analysis of the observed anomalously low values of the total ozone was given. Analysis of the temperature data of the lower stratosphere indicates that the observed negative anomaly of total ozone in March–April 2011 over the northern parts of Russia was connected with the movement of air masses with abnormally low values of ozone in the polar stratosphere, relocation and displacement of the polar vortex from the Arctic to midlatitudes in Western and Central Siberia.