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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2011 year, number 1

Lipid profile in Gallstone disease: new perspectives

I.N. Grigorieva, L.V. Scherbakova
Keywords: Gallstone disease, epidemiological studies, serum lipids, transintestinal cholesterol efflux, ezetimibe
Pages: 70-75


The purpose of the review. Analyze basic data on the contribution of serum lipids blood in the development of gallstone disease (GSD), how in the world, and on Northern Russia, as well as new therapeutic strategies in the treatment of GSD. Recent literature data prevalence of the GSD in the world is 10-15 %.  According to some epidemiological and clinical studies, serum lipid profile did not differ in patients with and without GSD, in others - the GSD was accompanied by hyperlipidemia. In epidemiological study among the unorganized population of Novosibirsk GSD found significantly more frequently among men and women with lipid metabolism disorders. Among Asian Indigenous Peoples of the Russian North (with a less severe hyperlipidemia) GSD met less frequently than among aliens. In addition to biliary way of cholesterol catabolism recently discovered  transintestinal cholesterol efflux  (TICE) in the proximal small intestine. The impact on this mechanism, in particular with the use of ezetimibe, is considered as a promising  approach in the treatment of not only atherosclerosis, but and GSD.