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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2011 year, number 1

Atherosclerosis vaccine: the present and the future

M.I. Dushkin
Keywords: atherosclerosis, vaccine, immunity, inflammation, lipoprotein metabolism
Pages: 35-44


The data of the last 15 years concerning the immunomodulatory approaches using for treatment of atherosclerosis. The data about protein-targets of anti-atherogenic vaccines are reviewed in brifly. Oral or nasal administration of heat shock protein (HSP) and other infection agents result in inhibiting of atherosclerosis development and associated with increased anti-inflammatory cytokins and decreased levels of HSP antibodies. Immunization of animals using oxidized lipoprotein low density or modified apolipoprotein B peptide was found to result in significant reduction of plaque evelopment. Vaccine against a peptide of cholesteryl ester transfer protein is protected the dislipiproteinemia development and reduced atherosclerosis in rabbits. The data about anti-atherosclerotic effects of vaccines to cytokins and angiogenesis factors and antibodies against CD40 is reviewed in brief. We conclude that combined vaccine creation is new perspective approach of cardiovascular disease treatment.