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The journal "Ateroskleroz"

2007 year, number 1

lipoprotein(a) and atherosclerosis

, A.V. Tikhonov
Institute of Internal Medicine SB RAMS
Pages: 3-23

Abstract >>
Lp(a) lipoprotein is one of atherogenic forms of lipoproteins, it was discovered over 45 years ago. Lp(a) is a quantitative feature, its concentration being under polygenic control. The Lp(a) concentration level is significantly associated with the risk of CHD development and lipid methabolic disorders. The risk of CHD development was 8-9 % with Lp(a) concentration of 5-10 mg/dl, 18-25 % with the concentration of 14-18 mg/dl and 25-31 % with that of 21-28 mg/dl. Lp(a) plasma concentration level in the population of Siberia varies from 0 to 80 mg/dl. The Lp(a) concentration level from 5 to 18 mg/dl is to be considered the conventional standard and the level of 20 mg/dl and higher - the border of CHD risk development. The level of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in all the populations surveyed is associated with Lp(a) plasma concentration level: with 30 mg/dl it is significantly higher as compared with the concentration of 14 mg/dl, and with zero concentration it is significantly lower.


M.I. Voevoda, V.N. Maksimov, S.K. Malujtina, V.V. Gafarov, S.V. Shishkin, A.G. Romaschenko, I.B. Kulikov, S.N. Ustinov, E.V. Shahtshneider, V.P. Kobzev
Pages: 24-28

Abstract >>
Analysis of polymorphism of genes of predisposition to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in population and prospective study in Novosibirsk. Within the framework of the program MONICA is observed 7111 men and 5523 women from a unorganized population of Novosibirsk. For detection of the independent factors influential on risk of death from CVD, the multiple logistics regression analysis was conducted. On group of 838 men the association of polymorphism of genes - candidates CVD with the factors of risk, morbidity and death rate from CVD was studied. The data of epidemiological prospective study confirm independent influencing of a heritable predisposition on CVD on death rate from CVD in an opened population of Novosibirsk. The polymorphism of a gene FMS in man's population sample is associated with an stroke (the data of prospective study) and with the factors of risk CVD in population research. I/D polymorphism of genes an ACE and A2b-adrenoreceptor is associated with CVD in a man's population of Novosibirsk. The primary prevention of CVD should actuate a family history and polymorphism of genes - candidates, as the relevant factor for including of groups of risk.