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"Philosophy of Education"

2009 year, number 2


O. G. Shevchenko
Keywords: the category of the possible, possible worlds, hypothetical knowledge, reality, cognition
Pages: 136-142


In the article, the notion of hypothetical knowledge is thoroughly examined with the help of the category of the possible.  The category of the possible is one of the categories, allowing the researcher to go beyond the reality and generate hypothetical knowledge. The possible is defined as a form of cognition. The author provides a brief historical outlook of the category of the possible as well as dwells upon philosophers' views about this category and its role in the cognition of reality. The importance of the possible is admitted in the modern philosophy where there is no chance to state the truth of any theory. There is considered the notion of possible worlds, which is necessary to interpret the objects of reality. Possible worlds give the direction of events.