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"Philosophy of Education"

2009 year, number 2

The phenomenon of qualitative differences of THE human language ability: a philosophical analysis

E. V. Demina
Keywords: differential psychology, individual differences, abilities, language ability, development of the language personally, verbal association, qualitative analysis of the language ability, variation of the language ability
Pages: 131-136


The article reviews the contributions of the domestic research, conducted in the context of the Teplov - Nebylitsyn school of differential psychology, into the development of contemporary problems of individual differences in the human language ability.   The role of evaluation of qualitative characteristics of language abilities in the linguo-didactic aspect of development of a student's language personality is highlighted. The thesis of individual conditionality of association as a minimal unit of text generation is emphasized.   Some psychological diagnostics data on the individual differences in the teenagers' language ability based on the analysis of the ratio of different predication tactics by the associative experiment method are presented.