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"Philosophy of Education"

2009 year, number 2

Teaching Religion in a Global Culture*

Keywords: religion, teaching of religion, global culture, a pragmatism
Pages: 96-105


Today I invite you to focus your attention on the following questions.  Given the dogmatism and exclusivity of many forms of religious belief, how can the religious experiences of our students be liberated so that they can travel along broader avenues?  Given the fact that we are now living in what has for better or worse come to be known as a global village, how can we help our students assess whether some forms of religious belief are better adapted than others to these new circumstances?  Is it possible for us and our fellow global citizens, despite our many individual and cultural differences, to share a common faith?  If so, what form would that type of faith take?  And how can we help our students develop the tools they will need to come to terms with these questions, which are all the more difficult because they are both intensely personal and profoundly public?