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"Philosophy of Education"

2009 year, number 2


A. V. Nalivaiko, V. I. Panarin
Keywords: methodological and world outlook functions of philosophy, philosophy of education, globalization, аксиология, праксиология, ontology
Pages: 17-24


The problem of development of domestic formation in conditions of globalization is based on a necessary philosophical reflection, and should be considered in a context of questions of social philosophy, in a context of questions of specificity of modern development of Russia which cause development of modern domestic formation. There is a deep interrelation of philosophy of formation with political, strategic, tactical doctrines of educational activity. The radical changes which have been last in a public life of Russia, have caused to a turn of transformations in sphere of formation. In clause it is shown, how being the factor of reflection social dynamics of life, formation, as well as all society, experiences deep system crisis, there is an active search of ways of an output from this crisis.