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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2011 year, number 3

Living State and Biological Disease of Tree Leaves in the Green Areas of Syktyvkar

N. A. Mingaleva1, S. V. Pestov2, S. V. Zagirova2
1 Syktyvkar State University, Department of Chemistry and Biology
2 Institute of Biology Komi SC UrB RAS
Keywords: green plantations, life state, biological disease
Pages: 415-425


The living state and biological disease of the leaves of trees in the green areas of Syktyvkar are studied. Birch and poplar are dominant trees among 103 species. The living state of trees is evaluated in general as good. The rise of leave damage by sucking and gnawing insects and a decrease in the activity of miner insects and gall forming agents are observed. We detected 56 species of arthropods, including ten new ones for Komi Republic.