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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2011 year, number 3

Pyrogenic Traumas of Plants Under the Conditions of Coniferous-Deciduous Forests in the Middle Priamurie and Their Indicator Significance

N. R. Sukhomlinov, V. V. Sukhomlinova
Fas-East State Social Humanitarial Academy,
Keywords: ground fires, disafforestation, pyrotraumas, pyrogenic factor, pyrogenic degradation
Pages: 405-413


Traumatic effect on plants under ground fire of different kinds is investigated. The classification of traumas of herbs, tree trunks and crowns, as well as other transformations caused by fire is given. Types of pyrogenic traumas are compared with the character of fire events and the degree of pyrogenic transformation of biocoenosis. The possibility to use them as indicators of the pyrogenic intensity, the state and trends of biocenosis transformations is determined.