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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2011 year, number 3

Spatial-Typological Differentiation of the Ecosystems of the West Siberian Plain Communication II Underground Phytomass, Mortmass and Humus of Soil

V. A. Khmelev1, A. A. Titlyanova1, V. P. Sedel'nikov2, Y. S. Ravkin3, I. N. Bogomolova3, I. P. Kokorina4
1 Institute of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry SB RAS
2 Central Siberian Botanical Garden SB RAS
3 Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology SB RAS; Tomsk State University
4 Siberian State Geodesic Academy
Keywords: humus, mortmass, underground phytomass, spatial differentiation, West Siberian Plain, cluster analysis
Pages: 325-330


Cluster anаlysis of ecosystems over the plant cover, mortmass and the underground part of the biota (including soil humus) showed that the effects of zonal heat supply and wetting (swamping) may be considered to be approximately equal to each other for the differentiation of vegetation, while the effect of swamping obviously dominates for the underground part of ecosystems. Intra-type differences of the underground block are determined by the zonal-subzonal inhomogeneity in heat and humidity supply, composition of vegetation and flood during high water. In this situation, there is no clear coincidence with the subzonal division. Integration has more likely group character (with respect to this index) for similar flood during high water and the composition of forest-forming species.