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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 6

Аbout the Ecology of the Species of Hylotelephium H. Ohba Genus Promising for the Urban Phytodesign in the Southern Urals

M. V. Lebedeva, L. M. Abramova
Keywords: succulents of Hylotelephium genus, the Southern Urals, success of introduction, urban phytodesig
Pages: 963-968


Statistically significant effect of the factors of habitat conditions and the weather conditions of the year under investigation on the majority of morphometric parameters of the vegetative and generative spheres of four natural coenopopulations of Hylotelephium stepposum (Boriss.) Tzvel. and three coenopopulations of H. triphyllum (Haw.) Holub. was revealed with the help of two-factor variance analysis.