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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 6

Flowering and Ecology of Pollination of Gentiana scabra Bunge (Gentianaceae Dumort.) in the South of the Primorsky Territory of Russia

Sun' yan', N. A. Nesterova, N. A. Tsarenko
Keywords: Gentiana scabra, flowering, ecology of pollination, strategy in the area of reproductive biology, Primorsky Territory
Pages: 947-953


The objective of the research was to study phenology and the process of flowering of Gentianа scabra Bunge. Flowers in raceme blossom out from top downward. The flowering period of one flower is 10 days, and that of the whole plant is 30 days. 13 species of possible agents for pollen transference are found. It is shown that bumble-bees are the primary pollinating insects. Stigma receptivity to pollen decreases significantly 8 days after unfolding of stigma. G. scabra flowers are capable of self-pollinаtion. The main type of pollinаtion of G. scabra flowers is xenogamy which is consistent with geitonogamy.