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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 6

Interrelations Between the Populations of Forest-Forming Species in the Dark Abies Forests of the Western Salair

I. D. Makhatkov
Keywords: coenopopulation, spatial arrangement, dynamics
Pages: 939-946


Analysis of the spatial arrangement of abies undergrowth with respect to abies, aspen and birch trees was carried out in the climax community of the dark forest by means of radial functions. The results of analysis showed that the abies undergrowth is concentrated mainly in the vicinity of old abies trees but its occurrence near abies stumps is much below the expected level. Such an arrangement of the undergrowth should inevitably lead to a decrease in the area occupied by the population of abies, and its number. The abies undergrowth is mostly concentrated in the vicinity of parvifoliate species where dense abies curtains are formed. Thus, the populations of parvifoliate species are the stabilizing factor with respect to the population of dominant species of the dark abies forests.