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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 6

Biometric Studies of Some Representatives of the Subsection Nivales (Prantl) Luferov of Ranunculus L. Genus (Ranunculaceae)

A. S. Erst
Keywords: Ranunculus, variability, unidimensional, multivariate, discriminnt and variance analyses
Pages: 929-937


Results of the studies of variability of the morphological attributes and numbers of chromosomes in the populations of R. altaicus s.l., R. sulphureus subsp. exaltatus and R. schmakovii are presented. The methods of unidimensionl and multivariate analysis were applied: princial-component method, discriminnt and variance anlysis. As a result, two buttercup subspecies were distinguished at the territory of the Altay mountain territory (R. altaicus subsp. altaicus, R. altaicus subsp. frigidus), as well as new taxons R. sulphureus subsp. exaltatus R. schmakovii.