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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 6

Comparative Analysis of Local Florae of the Northwest Part of Putorana Plateau

M. Y. Telyatnikov
Keywords: Putoran plateau, local flora, golets and sub-golets belts, vegetation, tundra
Pages: 919-928


A variety of vascular plants of two altitudinl belts in the areas of upper rivers Kygam, Morgel and Lontoko is revealed. The geographical and ecological anlysis of flora, as well as the anlysis of life forms of each belt is carried out.
Comparison of three local florae in species composition showed isolation of the florae of golets and under-golets altitudinl zone belts in the area of the river Lontoko from similar florae in the areas of the rivers Kygam and Morgel. Comparison between the florae in the ratio of latitudinl elements revealed an intermediate position of the area of the river Kygam between the areas of the rivers Lontoko and Morgel. Comparison with respect to the ratio of ecological groups of species and life forms showed the similarity between the golets altitudinal zone and sub-golets altitudinal zone belts of the areas of the Lontoko and the Kygam, and their difference from the area of the river Morgel.
In the past (in the end of the small glacial age of Holocene), the Longtokojsky Stone ridge differed in flora from the florae of the basic area of the western part of Putoransky mountains stronger than it does today. This is connected with the less significant role of the Atlantic transfer in this region in the past and the more significant role of the Siberian anticyclone.