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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 6

Dust Emission of Chromium from the Storage Areas of Slag from Ferrochromium Production for the Territory Near Krasnogorsky Village of the Chelyabinsk Region as an Example

E. V. Sokol, E. N. Nigmatulina, D. Y. Nokhrin
Keywords: Krasnogorsk village, Baturinsky open pit, chromium, slag from ferrochromium production, XFA SR technique
Pages: 851-863


Chromium content of ground, dust and plants from the region near the open pit used to store self-decaying ferrochromium slag of the Chelyabinsk Electrometallugrical Plant was studied by means of X-ray fluorescence anаlysis involving the synchrotron radiation beams (RFA SR).