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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Water-soluble Substances of Bud Meristem of Picea obovata L. and Pinus slvestris L.: Concentrations, Composition and Properties During the Formation of the State of Low-Temperature Stability

E. V. Alautdinova, S. Y. Simkina, P. V. Mironov
Keywords: ice formation, water-soluble substances, meristematic tissues of buds, water-retaining capacity, Picea obovata L., Pinus slvestris L
Pages: 327-333


The seasonal dynmics of water-soluble substances and water content in the meristematic tissues of vegetative buds of Picea obovata L. and Pinus slvestris L. are considered. Changes of the concentrations of cytoplasmic solutions of meristematic cells under their dehydration as a result of extracellular or extra-organ ice formation were determined. It was discovered that the concentration of water-soluble substances of the cytoplasm can increase by a factor of 2-2.5 with a decrease in temperature in the negative range down to -40 as a result of water crystallization. A connection between the cellular content of water able to get crystallized, unfreezing water and the concentration of water-soluble substances under temperature decrease from 0 to -40 C was established.