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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Reconstruction of Рalaeohydrological Regime of Bog, Succession of Vegetations and Peat Accumulation on the Kas - Sym Interfluve

L. V. Karpenko
Keywords: bog, reconstruction, palaeohydrological regime, vegetation change, peat accumulation
Pages: 307-315


Based on detailed analysis of the stratigraphy of a standard peaty profile laid on the large oligotrophic bog in the country between the rivers Kas and Sym, the left bank tributaries of the Yenisei river, the change of local vegetation and hydrological regime in the course of past seven thousand years was reconstructed.
Analysis of the stratigraphy of peat deposit revealed three stages of local changes of bog vegetation. Different degrees of bog moisture correspond to these stages. It was established that the regional climate had only a slight effect on the development of bog ecosystem.
The process of peat accumulation and its rate greatly varied during different periods of the Holocene. The average rate of peat accumulation in the profile was 0,88 mm/year.