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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Conjugated Species Groups in the Vegetation of Landscapes in the Basin of Upper and Middle Stream of the Pechora River as Indicators of Ecotopic and Phytocoenotic Conditions

S. V. Degteva, A. B. Novakovsky
Keywords: vegetation, ecological-coenotic groups, ecological scales, vascular plants, the basin of the Pechora river
Pages: 281-289


Seven groups of conjugated vascular plants were marked out in the vegetation of landscapes in the upper and middle stream of the Pechora river basin using the Brave conjugate coefficient and graph theory. It was also revealed using Ellenberg indicator values and Ipatov coefficient that the assemblies of the investigated species occupy different positions in the ecological space and are characterized by clearly exhibited coenotic role in quite definite plant communities. The pleiades  of conjugated species, the majority of which was interpreted as ecological-coenotic groups of species, may be used as the indicators of eco- and biotope conditions.