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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Ecogeographical Features of Seed-Bearing Capacity and Natural Reforestation of Pine on Fire-Sites in the Pine Forests of Transbaikalia

N. S. Sannikova, S. N. Sannikov, A. P. Gritsenyuk, E. V. Egorov, .. P. I
Keywords: Pinus sylvestris, fire, seed crop, self-sown plants, undergrowth, age structure, number, vitality
Pages: 231-237


Results of the investigation of the parameters of post-fire succession and seed-bearing capacity of modal tree stands, factors of ground environment (thickness of the unburnt layer of forest litter, projective cover of grass and mossy vegetation), as well as the number, vitality and age structure of self-sown Pinus sylvestris and accompanying small-leaved species in the Lower Selenga pinery of forest-steppe in the south-west of Transbaikalia are presented. The seed crops turned out to be 1,5-2 times more abundant in comparison with the geographically substituting forest types in the forest-steppe of West Siberia, while the vitality of pine undergrowth under the canopy of tree stands passed by fire was extremely low. It was demonstrated that pine reforestation is successful at fire sites in the zone of semination from the forest walls and in the fire sites with sparse growth of trees in bilberry-rhododendron pineries: 2-3 times more abundant than that in the forest-steppe of West Siberia, and insufficient at fire-sites in bearberry-lichen pineries.