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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Post-Fire Functioning of Forest Ecosystems in the Eastern Pribaikalia

Y. N. Krasnoshchekov, M. D. Evdokimenko, Y. S. Cherednikova, M. V. Boloneva
Keywords: Eastern Pribaikalia, ground fire of forest floor-humus type, pyrogenic succession of vegetation, soil morphology, resource and fraction composition of forest floor, organogenic pyrogenic horizons of soil, ash constituents, physicochemical properties of so
Pages: 221-230


Data on the impact of ground fire events on forest ecosystems in the Eastern Pribaikalia are anаlyzed. The negative impact of ground fires on the growth and productivity of tree stands is demonstrated. The characteristics of lower vegetation layers are presented, variations of soil parameters under the impact of fire events of different intensity and remoteness are demonstrated.