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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Development and Compilation of the Geographical Database for Mapping and Modeling Land-Based Ecosystems by Means of GIS and DZ with the Chuya Steppe in Mountainous Altay as Example

I. D. Zol'nikov, A. Y. Korolyuk, E. N. Smolentseva, V. A. Lyamina, N. N. Dobretsov, U. V. Martysevich
Keywords: geographical databases, remote sensing data, geoinformation modeling, land-based ecosystems
Pages: 209-220


A system of integrated multiarametric descrition of landscapes of micro- and meso-hierarchic levels is developed. On the basis of field descriptions made according to this system in the Chuya steppe, a geographical database was compiled; it contains qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the land-based ecosystems of the Chuya steppe and their major components (relief, rocks, soil, vegetation). The technology for automated calculation of the ratio of abiotic to biotic components of micro-landscape on the basis of digital photographs of the reference grounds was tested. Using the triangular diagrams, the component composition of meso-landscapes was analyzed. The results may be used to decipher and interpret the data of remote probing sensing of the Earth, and also for mapping and modeling geosystems at the local and regionl levels.