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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2010 year, number 2

Photosynthetic Сapacity of Wood Plants as an Indicator of Total Pollution of the Atmosphere of Urban Environment

O. A. Neverova, O. L. Tsandekova
Keywords: photosynthesis intensity, reduced assimilates, Tilia cordata, Sorbus sibirica, atmospheric pollution, vegetation
Pages: 193-196


The photosynthetic capacity of wood plants under urban conditions was evaluated on the basis of the level of reduced assimilates. Noticeable deceleration of the synthesis of carbohydrates was observed in Sorbus sibirica and Tilia cordata during vegetation, which correlated negatively with the overall technogenic load on the atmosphere in different districts of the city. It was concluded that this index of photosynthetic capacity may be used as an indicator of overall pollution of urban air, and Tilia cordata may be accepted as the indicator species.