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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2008 year, number 2

On the Ecology of Flowering of the Daurian Rhododendrons (Ericaceae)

O. S. Vologdina
Pages: 353–358


The data on the ecology of Rhododendron mucronulatum, Rh. sichotense and Rh. dahuricum, as well as the results of investigation of the flowering system structure in these species in 5 coenopopulations in the Primorsky region and Chita region are presented. Understanding of the ecological requirements and morphological structure of the studied species is very important for the development of cultivation technology and systematic position of Rhododendron L. In natural coenopopulations, Rh. mucronulatum blooms one-two weeks earlier than Rh. sichotense and Rh. dahuricum. However, under the conditions of Vladivostok, Rh. sichotense begins to flower earlier; Rh. dahuricum and Rh. mucronulatum start to bloom one week later.