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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2008 year, number 2

Changes in the Information Content of the Indicative Characteristics of Tundra Shrubs under the Conditions of Aerotechnogenic Pollution

M. P. Tentyukov
Pages: 217–224

Abstract >>
Changes in the indicative characteristics demonstrating the accumulation of heavy metals in tundra shrubs under the conditions of aerotechnogenic pollution of the Yamal Peninsula were investigated. Calculations depicting the theoretical solubility of complex-forming metals depending on pH of the medium in the system containing

Area over the Territory of Georgia from the Early Stage of the Human Society Till Modern Days

D. Nikolaishvili
Pages: 225–228

Abstract >>
Trends of changes of forests and phytomass resources over the territory of Georgia since the early stage of the existence of human society are considered. The landscape approach is used in the investigation. Map an

Features of the Distribution of the Life Forms of Vascular Plants over the Altay District

M. M. Silantyeva
Pages: 229–241

Abstract >>
Features of the distribution of the life forms of indigenous flora fraction (1888 species) over the botanical-geographic regions of the District are considered. This allows one to characterize the ecological-coenotic and adaptation features of the plant cover of these regions.

Estimation of Distance Distribution in the Biogroups of Different Coenoses

A. A. Vais
Pages: 243–248

Abstract >>
A number of distributions describing a small sample is analyzed. Estimation of the horizontal structure of coenoses is made on the basis of small coenotic formations. i.e. biogroups at a level of a growing individual. The characteristics of biogroups are the number of

Novel Possibilities in Plant State Assessment

N. G. Akinshina, A. A. Azizov, T. A. Karaseva, E. Kloze
Pages: 249–254

Abstract >>
Photosynthesis and respiratory rates are the standard indicators for plant state assessment. The photosynthetic activity is often measured by metering CO2 decrease. The INNO-Concept GmbH Company (Germany) has produced

Initial Stages of the Formation of Plant Cover on Industry-caused Ecotopes of the Kuznetsk Basin

A. N. Kupriyanov, Yu. V. Morsakova
Pages: 255–261

Abstract >>
Features of plant cover formation over the territories disturbed by coal mining in different n

Manganese in the Abiotic Components and Plants of Transbaikalia Landscapes

V. K. Kashin, G. M. Ivanov, V. M. Korsunov
Pages: 263–271

Abstract >>
The content and distribution of Mn in soil-forming rocks, natural waters, soils, and plants of steppe, meadow and agricultural cenoses of Transbaikalia region are examined. The content of Mn in soil-forming rocks, soils and natural waters is 1,3

Adventive Flora of North-Eastern Prisayan

A. V. Verkhozina
Pages: 273–280

Abstract >>
The paper presents an outline and analysis of the structure of the adventive flora of the North-Eastern Prisayan

Seasonal Features of the Territorial Distribution of Birds in the Sary-Chelek Biospheric Reserve (South-Western Tyan-Shan, Kyrghyzstan)

I. P. Lebyazhinskaya
Pages: 281–287

Abstract >>
Results of passage route assessments of birds over the territory of the Sary-Chelek biospheric reserve during the years 1982

Flora and Vegetation in the Zoogenic Habitats on the Commander Islands

O. A. Mochalova
Pages: 289–301

Abstract >>
Data on the action of animals on the vegetation cover of the Commander Islands are reported. Vegetation at the regions of arctic fox dens and seabird colonies is characterized; this vegetation is formed as a result of the transformation of the initial one. Often similar plant groups are formed. The features of the zoogenic vegetation of different origin at the Commander Islands are discussed; its comparison with the zoogenic vegetation in other regions of the Arctic and Subarctic are discussed.

Effect of Hydrophysical Factors on the Fluorescence Characteristics of Phytoplankton in the Surface Layer of a Small Eutrophic Water Reservoir Bugach

O. V. Anishchenko
Pages: 303–313

Abstract >>
In connection with the problem of water bloom in continental water reservoirs due to cyanobacteriae, the effect of hydrophysical (wind strength, intensity of photosynthetically active radiation, and atmospheric precipitation) and geochemical factors (concentrations of the forms of nitrogen and mineral phosphorus in water) on the fluorescence characteristics of eukaryotic microalgae and cyanobacteriae characterized by different abilities to light-dependent regulation of floatage is investigated in the surface layer of a small eutrophic water reservoir Bugach in 2002.

Rare Decorative Arboreal Plant Species in Collection of the Botanical Garden of the Institute of Biology Komi SC UrD RAS

Pages: 315–321

Abstract >>
Plant introduction is considered now as the most promising way of biodiversity preservation. Collections of the Botanical Garden of the Institute of Biololy KSC UD RAS contain over 3.5 thousand decorative plant taxa (species and varieties), of which about 150 species are rare and protected in various regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Among the arboreal plants growing in the arboretum, 26 taxa belong to rare and endangered species, of them 19 taxa are exotics and 7 are native species. Among the plants growing in a glasshouse, 7 arboreal species belong to rare and endangered ones, all being introduced from other floristic areas. The paper presents results of the studies on biomorphological features of rare species, plant mutability in the course of adaptation and plant reproduction capacity under new ecological conditions.

Ecological Features of Ribes nigrum L. in the Basin of the Ingoda

I. V. Gorbunov
Pages: 323–326

Abstract >>
Ten populations of Ribes nigrum L. (black currant) in the basin of the Ingoda river were investigated. The description of black currant participated phytocoenosis in which the researched populations grow was carried out. The ecological and geographical characteristic of population habitats of currant black was given.

Unique and Rare Forms of Siberian Apple Tree in the Selenginsky Region of Buryatia

A. V. Rudikovsky, E. G. Rudikovskaya, L. V. Dudareva, L. V. KUSNETSOVA
Pages: 327–333

Abstract >>
Two forms of Siberian apple tree were revealed in the Selenginsky region of Buryatia that are distinguished by stunting, ability to propagate by root shoots, natural growth as a bush, shortened interstitials, as well as high decorative properties. These lines represent a very interesting material for investigation (microevolution processes, investigation of the genetic and biological foundations of dwarf state, selection of dwarf stocks, and introduction).

Cotoneaster Lucidus (Rosaceae), Rare Species of the Siberian Flora: Biology, Conservation

G. P. Semenova
Pages: 335–343

Abstract >>
A multi

Indicator Role of Partial Floras of Post-Drag Landscapes

N. V. Vetluzhskikh
Pages: 345–351

Abstract >>
The composition and comparative analysis of the partial floras of habitat types of the post-drag landscapes of the model basin of the Suenga river in the Salair mountain ridge is revealed and presented.

On the Ecology of Flowering of the Daurian Rhododendrons (Ericaceae)

O. S. Vologdina
Pages: 353–358

Abstract >>
The data on the ecology of Rhododendron mucronulatum, Rh. sichotense and Rh. dahuricum, as well as the results of investigation of the flowering system structure in these species in 5 coenopopulations in the Primorsky region and Chita region are presented. Understanding of the ecological requirements and morphological structure of the studied species is very important for the development of cultivation technology and systematic position of Rhododendron L. In natural coenopopulations, Rh. mucronulatum blooms one-two weeks earlier than Rh. sichotense and Rh. dahuricum. However, under the conditions of Vladivostok, Rh. sichotense begins to flower earlier; Rh. dahuricum and Rh. mucronulatum start to bloom one week later.