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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2006 year, number 6

Elements of the Theory of the Molecular-Ecological Mechanism of Water Quality Formation and Water Self-Purification

S. A. Ostroumov

Abstract >>
In the paper, some elements of basics of the modern ecological theory of polyfunction

Functioning of Microbial Communities in Sodium-Saline Lakes of the Onon-Kerulen Group (Transbaikalia and

E. Yu. Abidueva, A. S. Syrenzhapova, B. B. Namsaraev

Abstract >>
Results of hydrochemical and microbiological investigation of 13 sodium-saline lakes of the Onon-Kerulen group, characterized by high  pH (8,5-10,5) and mineralization (5,3-382,8 g/l) are presented. The seasonal and annual dynamics of the numbers of individuals of different physiological groups of bacteria destroying the organic matter and the rates of microbial processes were investigated in microbial mats and in bottom sediments.

Isolation of the Whole Bacterial DNA for Ecological Characterization of Bottom Sediments of Lake Baikal

S. M. Chernotsyna, O. V. Shubenkova, T. I. Zemskaya, M. A. Grachev, A. L. Vereshchagin, T. Ya. Kostornova

Abstract >>
It is known that the convention

Long-Term Changes in the Content of Chlorophyll "a" in the Pelagic Part of the Southern Baikal

L. R. Izmest'eva, B. K. Pavlov, S. V. Shimaraeva

Abstract >>
The concentration of chlorophyll "a" in the pelagic part of the Southern Baikal was determined in 1979-2002 at the station

Comparative Estimation of the Features of Anaerobic Metabolism in the Baikalian Amphipoda Eulimnogammarus verrucosus (Gerstf.), E. cyaneus (Dyb.) and Palearctic Gammarus lacustris Sars

M. A. Timofeev, K. A. Kirichenko, D. S. Bedulina

Abstract >>
The results of comparative investigation of the features of the use of an

Phytoplankton of the Cherkalov Sor (Lake Baikal) in 2002

N. A. Tashlykova, I. V. Tomberg

Abstract >>
The features of spatial and temporal inhomogeneity of hydrochemical indices, composition and structure of phytoplankton in the Cherkalov Sor (a bay of Lake Baikal) are considered on the basis of field observations carried out in 2002.

Cestodes of Limnophilic Birds of the Chivyrkuy Bay of Lake Baikal

A. V. Nekrasov, S. D. Sanzhieva

Abstract >>
Results of the examination of species diversity of cestodes of limnophilic birds (Podici

Some Ecological Features of Baikal and Siberian Fauna Turbellaria

D. I. Stom, A. A. Klyuchevskaya, U. O. Kolesova

Abstract >>
Influence of toxicants and light on Baikal and Siberian faun

Dynamics and Modern State of Aquatic Vegetation of the Chivyrkuy Bay of Lake Baikal

B. B. Bazarova, N. M. Pronin

Abstract >>
Modern state of aquatic vegetation in the Chivyrkuy Bay is shown; its temporal dyn

Interaction of Water Ecosystems with the Water-Collecting Surface for the Ob-Irtysh Basin as an Example

S. V. Temerev

Abstract >>
The interaction of water reservoirs and streams with the water-collecting surface within the Ob-Irtysh basin is considered. A comparative an

Estimation of Long-Range Changes in the Ecosystems of the Upper and Middle-Stream Irtysh on the Basis of Phytoplankton Development Indices


Abstract >>
The data of long-term investigations of the Bukhtarma reservoir and the mid Irtysh revealed substantial changes in the species composition, structure and abundance of phytoplankton, which allowed us to determine the directions of changes in the ecosystem. Eutrophication, which started in the Bukhtarma reservoir in late 1970s, got accelerated and occupied the mid Irtysh. The river ecosystem survives ecological stress. The Bukhtarma reservoir is in the state of ecological modulation according to the indices of phytoplankton development; however, the enhancing pollution with organic substances brings about the threat to the stability of the ecosystem.

Vascular Plants of the Magadan Region Water Bodies


Abstract >>
Partial floras of the water bodies of the Magadan Region are characterized. The maximal diversity and abundance of vascular water plants was observed in floodplain water bodies - former and addition

Organic Pollution of Surface Water of the Zolotoy Rog Bay Surveyed on the Basis of Microbial Indication Methods

E. G. Kalitina, L. S. Buzoleva

Abstract >>
Organic pollution of the surface water layer in the Zolotoy Rog Bay is investigated using the indication micro-flora, in comparison with the reference region (the Pogranichn

About the Effect of the Seasonal Factor on the Formation of Water Quality in the Novosibirsk Water Reservoir under the Conditions

S. Yu. Dvurechenskaya

Abstract >>
Analysis of changes in the quality of water in the plain artificial water reservoir with a small regulating prism (the Novosibirsk water reservoir) was carried out during the years with different water income. The role of the season

Alcohol-Soluble Proteins of Seeds, their Adaptive Function in Plant Expansion

V. F. Semikhov

Abstract >>
Alcohol-soluble proteins found first in the seeds of cereals as early as in the XVIII century (Shewry, Tatham, 1999) and later called "prolamines" (Osborne, 1924) are presented in other monocotyledonos and dicotyledonos . On the grounds of their unbalan

Biotope Distribution of Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Bugs in Southern Baraba

E. E. Pavlov

Abstract >>
Results of field investigation carried out in May to August 2006 in the southern part of the Baraba Lowlands are presented. It is shown that hydrothermal conditions occurring in the reed-sedge floodplain are the most favourable ones for a large number of staphyline bugs. The staphyline bug population of a birch grove is characterized by relatively stable indices of their number during the whole warm period. The staphyline population in the group of biotopes located at the slope of a hill ridge (grassy and dry valley meadows) is less stable. Strong drying of the soil horizon decreases the species diversity of staphyline bugs in these biotopes.