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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2004 year, number 2

The Soil Resource of Seeds and Spores of Ferns in Suburban Birch Woods of Park Type



It is demonstrated that the forestland of suburban regions can be transformed under recreation load into the park-type forests. The latter are characterized by relative rarefaction of the forest canopy, low plenitude of the stand, almost absolute absence of natural renewal, and an increase in the fraction of forest-meadow and weed plants in the structure of herbage. However, in spite of noticeable anthropogenic impact, the soil of such forestlands keep in reserve substantial amount of viable diasporas representing active and potential soil banks. It is established that the soil of the forest phytocenosis under examination contains about 50 thousand /m2 viable fern spores and more than 8 thousand /m2 seeds of vascular plants. The major part of seeds present in soil is accumulated in soil bedding (73 %), while fern spores are accumulated in the mineral layer of soil.