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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2004 year, number 2

Ecological-Geographical Aspect of Introduction of Ornamental Annuals

E.V. Baikova


The results of introduction of ornamental annual plants in the Central Siberian Botanical Garden are summed up; 209 species of 43 families were tested, among which the representatives of Asteraceae, Scrophulariaceae and Lamiaceae are predominant. The introduction potential of the tested species is determined by their origin, ecological features, ability to bearing and life cycle termination under new conditions, stability to frost. In accordance with ecological-biological characteristics of the annuals, five groups of them were established. Introduction of the species from moderate areas of Europe and Asia, as well as North America and Mediterranean coast is revealed to be promising. The major part of annuals originating from Central America and South Africa can be cultivated in West Siberia only with the seedling agrotechnics.