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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2002 year, number 3

Pyrogenesis and Postpyrogenic Changes of Peculiarities and Composition of Cryomorphic Soils



The concept of pyrogenesis as a subfactor of automorphic humid mountain taiga pedogenesis in continental sectors of the cryomorphic area of Eurasia is defined. The general peculiarities of weathering and zonal pedogenesis have been recorded in the areas of active pyrogenesis. On the example of cryomorphic soddy-calcareous soil, the quantitative and qualitative changes of its profile form, attributes and composition were revealed within 7 years after a strong ground fire. It has been quantitatively determined that the decrease by 21 cm (100 %) of the fine-earth layer thickness of the soil profile during the postfire period is connected with the burning-out of organic matter of the surface organic horizons at 5.4 cm (or 26 %), the surface destruction of soil fine-earth layer at 5.8 cm (28 %), and with the temperatural subsidence of the fine-earth layer which amounts to 9.8 cm ( 46 % of the general total contribution of factors). At that, according to our data, the maximum temperatural subsidence of fine-earth layer of cryomorphic soils of heavy granulometric composition with icy permafrost can make up 20-30 % of the maximum postfire thickness of their seasonally thawed layer. The average annual depth of the destruction of soil fine-earth layer from the surface of this soil was 0.8 cm according to our data, which is comparable with other authors' data.