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2006 year, number 6

A stable image reconstruction algorithm for inexact point-spread function

Yu. E. Voskoboinikov and V. A. Litasov
The Novosibirsk State Architectural University Novosibirsk
Pages: 3-13

Abstract >>
The problem of image reconstruction is considered for the case when the recording system point-spread function and the recorded image are known with random errors. An efficient computational image reconstruction algorithm that uses a 2D Discrete Fourier Transform and a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm is designed. An algorithm for reliable estimation of the optimal regularization parameter is proposed to choose the regularization parameter determining the reconstruction problem solution accuracy. The reconstruction algorithm can be adapted to identify a point-spread function of dynamic image recording systems.

Interpolation of time-finite signals in view of restoring filter feasibility

S. N. Kirillov and S. A. Bakhurin
The Ryazan State Radio-Technical University Ryazan
Pages: 14-22

Abstract >>
Algorithms for time-finite signal restoration are developed in view of feasibility of the pulse characteristic of processing devices. Functions with a lower level of side lobes than in the known functions for single-channel and two-channel restoration systems with using signal samples and time-finite signal derivatives are synthesized. Optimum functions are calculated and quasi-optimum time-finite synthesizing functions of the interpolation algorithm are proposed, which allow consideration of time constraints of initial signal realization and feasibility of the processing devices. It is found that the proposed algorithms will reduce the root-mean-square error of interpolation by 45

Synthesizing nonlinear nonparametric decision rules in pattern recognition problems

V. A. Lapko and A. N. Kapustin*
Institute of Computational Modeling, SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk E-mail:
*The Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk
Pages: 23-29

Abstract >>
A method is proposed to construct nonlinear nonparametric pattern recognition algorithms for efficient solution of classification problems in the conditions of small samples. Their properties are analyzed using results of computational experiments.

Optimal estimates of optical gaussian pulse parameters with account of shot noise. Cramer-rao bounds

S. V. Khabarov
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, SB RAS Novosibirsk
Pages: 30-39

Abstract >>
A system of likelihood equations for optimal estimation of optical pulse parameters in view of shot noise is obtained. Algorithms for estimates of the amplitude and duration of a Gaussian pulse, and also its position on the time axis are found. The Cramer-Rao bounds for non-joint and joint estimates are determined.

Time series forecasting in hydrological problems based on variant modeling

V. V. Gubarev and O. K. Alsova
The Novosibirsk State Technical University Novosibirsk
Pages: 40-46

Abstract >>
The main results of comprehensive analysis of possible ways for solving the problem of forecasting the annual inflow of the River Ob at the site of the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Station are considered. The research is based on ideas and methods of variant modeling. A set of probabilistic models is constructed for inflow forecasting with different accuracy and term (the period between the date of forecast and the beginning of the forecast period). Ways for future research are outlined.

On anisotropic visual space model

A. M. Kovalev
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, SB RAS Novosibirsk
Pages: 47-54

Abstract >>
Projective mapping of physical space on the spheroid domain, that is, a hyperbolic Hilbert space model, is considered. Straight lines, diameters, perpendiculars, distances, and angles on the Hilbert plane are determined. An image of visual space inside the spheroid is shown as well as its conformal mapping on the Poincare model. A formula for apparent size of the Moon elevated over the horizon is presented.

Nonparametric approach to constructing the dose-effect dependence

A. L. Osipov and S. N. Anoshkin
The Institute of Applied Information Science
of The Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management Novosibirsk
Pages: 55-60

Abstract >>
A computer system modeling the effectiveness function by results of independent tests based on the nonparametric kernel regression estimate method is developed.

On brightness of objects with volume diffused radiation scattering

O. L. Golovkov and E. I. Chernov
The Ryazan State University Ryazan E-mail:
Pages: 61-66

Abstract >>
The influence of light divergence and the shape of light scatters of an object with volume scattering on its brightness is analyzed.

Incident wave source conditions for fdtd method. One-dimensional formulation

D. L. Golovashkin and N. L. Kazanskii
Institute of Image Processing Systems, RAS, Samar
Korolev Samara State Aerospace University, Samara
Pages: 67-73

Abstract >>
Numerical formulation of the incident wave source conditions for a domain enclosed in a nonuniform envelope within the scope of the TF/SF technique (Total-Field/Scattering- Field technique) is proposed. This approach is compared with a traditional analytical approach to defining the incident wave source conditions. Benefits of the approach are shown.

Mobility of minority carriers in doped p-MCT films grown by molecular beam epitaxy

D. Yu. Protasov, S. A. Dvoretsky, V. Ya. Kostyuchenko*, V. S. Krylov*, N. N. Mikhailov and R. N. Smirnov
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, SB RAS, Novosibirs
*Siberian State Geodesic Academy, Novosibirsk
Pages: 74-79

Abstract >>
Temperature dependences of the Hall coefficient and magnetoresistance in heteroepitaxial structures of p-CdxHgx-1Te (MCT) of XCdTe = 0.22

A compact narrow linewidth acousto-optic tunable filter

A. V. Tsarev and E. A. Kolosovsky
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, SB RAS Novosibirsk
Pages: 80-89

Abstract >>
Results of numerical modeling a new type of acousto-optic (AO) filters employing multibeam expanders are discussed. A planar filter design in thin m) optical waveguides of chalcogenide glass on lithium niobate is proposed. Analysis of the devices is carried out in a spectral approach with application of numerical experiments by the finite-difference time domain (FDTD) method. It is shown that the proposed multi-reflector optical elements possess high dispersion properties such that the AO filter with a small size (below 0.1 cm) ensures a record thin linewidth (~1 nm) at a wavelength of 1.54 m, a tuning range greater than 40 nm, and a switching time of less than 2 s. In addition, the normalized linewidth per unit length of the device is 20 times better than the theoretical limit for available types of AO filters developed on the same substrate and by a common technology but without multibeam expanders.

Investigation of small linear displacement sensor with two phase diffraction gratings

V. A. Komotskii, V .I. Korolkov, and Yu. M. Sokolov
Peoples Friendship University of Russia Moscow
Pages: 90-95

Abstract >>
An improved optoelectronic small linear displacement sensor based on laser beam diffraction on two phase diffraction gratings is proposed and investigated. The possibility of doubling the region of linearity while detecting signals in the first two diffraction orders is shown. A device for measuring surface irregularities is designed using this sensor. Experiments on measuring surface profiles of relief structures are carried out.

Stabilized fiber optic sensor for remote measuring absolute inclination

Yu. N. Kulchin, O. B. Vitrik, and A. V. Dyshlyuk
Institute of Automation and Control Processes, FEB RAS Vladivostok
Pages: 96-100

Abstract >>
A stabilized fiber optic sensor for remote measuring the angle of object inclination from the vertical has been developed. The measurement principle is based on beam refraction by a transparent free hanging plane-parallel plate as the angular orientation of the sensitive element case changes. Output signal stabilization is assured by using two spatially separated measuring channels.