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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2011 year, number 3

Determination of thermophysical characteristics of materials at thermal effect of constant power

V.G. Zverev1, V.A. Nazarenko2, A.V. Teploukhov2
1 Tomsk State University
2 FSUE Moscow Institute of Heat Technology
Keywords: thermophysical characteristics, coefficient inverse problem of heat conductivity, semi-infinite solid, one- and two-layer plates
Pages: 477-486


On the basis of the solution to the coefficient inverse problem of heat conductivity we have proposed a method for determination of thermophysical characteristics of material according to temperature measurement in its depth as an approximation of semi-infinite solid, plate of finite thickness, and plate with a layer of ideal conductor at thermal effect of constant power on their surface. The method does not require experimental data smoothing, serves to remove restrictions for heating mode selection, and increases accuracy of thermophysical parameters determination.