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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2011 year, number 3

Temperature dependences of kinematic viscosity of bismuth, lead, and their mutual solutions

M.A. Guzachev1, N.YU. Konstantinova1, P.S. Popel1, A.G. Mozgovoy2
1 Ural State Pedagogical University
2 Joint Institute of High Temperature RAS
Keywords: bismuth-lead melts, kinematic viscosity, viscous flow activation energy, microheterogeneity
Pages: 469-475


Measurement results for temperature dependences of kinematic viscosity in Bi-Pb melts are presented. Measurements were carried out in the temperature range between liquidus and 1400 K. The distinctive feature of experiments was their performance at heating after sample melting and further cooling. On the experimental temperature dependences of kinematic viscosity the values of viscosity at fixed temperature and activation energy of viscous flow have been calculated. Special attention was paid to non-coincidence of the curves obtained at heating and cooling. The specified anomaly is explained by the concept of metastable micro-coherence of the studied melts.