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Thermophysics and Aeromechanics

2011 year, number 3

A pressure recovery system for chemical oxygen-iodine laser based on an active diffuser

V.M. Malkov1, I.A. Kiselev2, A.E. Orlov2, I.V. Shatalov2
1 Advent Scientific Production Association
2 Laser Systems Ltd,
Keywords: supersonic chemical laser, pressure recovery system, diffuser, ejector, experiment, numerical simulation
Pages: 381-395


An open-type pressure recovery system (PRS) for chemical oxygen-iodine laser was designed and fabricated. As a first stage, an active diffuser was used in which the ejecting gas supply was organized through nozzles disposed around the channel periphery. The second stage was a supersonic ejector. Numerical simulation data for the viscous turbulent flow with heat release through the diffuser gas-dynamic channel, and also data obtained by testing the active diffuser in operation on a model facility equipped with a vacuum chamber, are reported. The obtained data were used to develop a full-scale setup with exhaust of laser gas into the atmosphere; this has allowed us to optimize the performance characteristics of the setup and substantially improve its mass-dimensional characteristics. Special attention was paid to parameter matching and synchronization of laser start with the operation of PRS components.