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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2008 year, number 5

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Hydrophilic Alkyl Phenols

A. S. Oleinik, N. Y. Pevneva, N. V. Kandalintseva, A. E. Prosenko, O. M. Khoshchenko, M. I. Dushkin
Keywords: hydrophilic polyfunctional antioxidants, hydroxyarylalkyl sulphonates, hydroxyarylalkylisothiuronium halides, biological activity, toxicity of phenols, bioluminescence
Pages: 559-564


Synthesis of the hydrophilic derivatives of Осуществлен синтез гидрофильных производных 3-(4-hydroxyaryl)propyl series with sulphur-containing ionogenic fragments was carried out. The regularities of the changes of toxic effect of the synthesized compounds depending on their structure were investigated with respect to laboratory animals (mice) and bacterial cultures (Photobacterium phosphoreum).