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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2007 year, number 4

Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Modelling of Supergen Processes in the Tailings of Apatite-Nepheline Ores

S. I. Mazukhina, A. A. Nesterova, D. P. Nesterov, D. V. Makarov, V. A. Masloboev
Pages: 447-455


Supergene processes in the tailings of apatite-nepheline ores have been studied by techniques of physical chemical analysis and thermodynamic modelling. It has been found that under washing conditions characteristic of Kola Peninsula, the finest and lightest particles and the products of hypergenesis are removed by suffosion. Newly formed phases are represented with micas (lepidomelane and gieseckite), amorphous silica, oxides of titanium, manganese, and goethite.