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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2007 year, number 4

Investigation of the Composition of Pollutants and Changes in Their Properties during Physicochemical Purification of Wastewater from Diazodinitroquinone Production

A. M. Zaynullin, I. G. Shaykhiev, S. V. Fridland, R. Z. Musin, I. K. Rizvanov
Pages: 427-436


Composition and changes in the properties of wastewater from the production of diazodinitroquinone as a result of the physicochemical purification are studied for the first time on the basis of UV spectroscopic and chromatographic data. It is established that neutralization of the acid initial wastewater is accompanied by an increase in the molecular chain, while further treatment of the liquid causes a decrease in the length of the molecular chain and the formation of other compounds.