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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2005 year, number 5

Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Formation of Nanoparticles in the Atmosphere

Tayfun Company, Institute of Experimental Meteorology,
Pr. Lenina 82, Obninsk 249038 (Russia) E-mail:
Pages: 649-654


The resources of real atmosphere at the size reference areas in polar, mountainous, arid and other regions are evaluated experimentally from the viewpoint of ion-stimulated synthesis of aerosol particles. Air, from which the dust was preliminarily removed, was ionized with the radiation of plutonium 239 isotope with the ionization current equal to 1 mA. With the physical upper limit of the yield of condensed radiolysis products equal to 25-40 molecules per 100 eV of absorbed radiation, the achieved level is 5-10 molecules /100 eV, depending on irradiation time and on the state of the surface air layer.