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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2001 year, number 7

Opto-Capacitive Transducer

Valery A. Vasiliev
Penza State University, Ul. Krasnaya 40, Penza 400017 (Russia)


An opto-capacitive transducer is proposed which is able to transform optical energy into electric signal through the changes of the capacitance of a solid structure. The transducer involves the semiconductor's feature to change surface resistance under the action of optical radiation. The capacitance of the solid structu-re is changed due to the change of the surface resistance of gallium arsenide (GaAs). Opto-capacitive transducer allows detecting optical radiation, measuring the changes of capacitance depending on the changes of the width of light spot, radiation power, radiation frequency. Along with the possibility to control, re-cord and transform optical radiation into electric signal, it allows recording metal bodies and measuring distance from them. On the basis of the opto-capacitive transducer, it is possible to develop various devices to detect and record the light signal, to measure the optical radiation power; it is also possible to develop transformers of optical energy into electric signal, various sensors for shift, force, pressure, etc.