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Chemistry for Sustainable Development

2001 year, number 7

About the Lifetime of Auxiliary Charge Carriers in Neutron-Doped Silicon

Rystam I. Guchetl1, Anatoly A. Kravtsov1 and Aleksey A. Stuk2
1KEPP Corporation, pos. Turayevo, Lytkarino, Moscow Region 140080 (Russia)
2L. Ya. Karpov NIFKhI, Kaluzhskaya obl., Obninsk 249033 (Russia)


The results of works aimed at mastering the technology of obtaining NTD silicon, carried out at the KEPP Corporation in collaboration with L. Ya. Karpov NIFKhI, are reported. The results include optimization of the annealing mode, for the purpose of increasing the minimal lifetime of charge carriers from the values observed (100-200 s) to 200-400 s, the specific resistance being about 50 The regimes developed as a result of the investigations allowed us to decrease the time of thermal treatment necessary for the annealing of radiation defects and, as a consequence, to increase the lifetime of auxiliary charge carriers. The analysis of the results on obtaining NTD silicon grown from the initial polycrystalline silicon of different manufacturers allows us to conclude that further routes to increase the lifetime in NTD silicon are connected mainly with mastering the technology of obtaining the initial material.