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Professional Education in the Modern World

2019 year, number 1


R. K. Serezhnikova, A. Yu. Margaryan
St. Petersburg military Institute of national guard troops of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Keywords: методическая подготовка курсантов, будущий офицер, методическая готовность, организация самообразования, военнослужащий, methodical training of cadets, future officer, methodical preparation, individual education, military man


The article is devoted to improvement of methodical training of future officers and their capacities for individual activities in the context of activation of the subject area ofpedagogy. According to the concept of I. E. Akulov, V. I. Baydakov, A. G. Vasilyev, methodical training is seen as a set of training activities aimed at improving the skills of officers, warrant officers (midshipmen), sergeants (foremen) in the training of subordinates. Methodical training is an integral part of the commander's training. The article deals with the functional and personal approaches to rendering the term "methodical preparation” in modern science, as well as the concept of methodical preparation of future officers to arrangement of individual education of soldiers in the unit. Methodical readiness of the cadet to the organization of self-education of the military personnel is a component of structure ofprofessional training of the future officer to service and fighting activity. Advantages and efficiency of methodical readiness of the future officer to the organization of self-education of the military personnel as quality of the personality are analyzed. The urgency of self-educational activity and its priority in development of the serviceman as the subject of professional self-realization is revealed. The purpose of methodical preparation of the future officer to the organization of self-education of the military personnel consists in activation of the psychological and pedagogical knowledge, abilities and skills allowing to use effectively modern technologies of self-educational activity of cadets providing the dominating orientation and motivation in realization of the purposes and tasks of pedagogical maintenance of individual education of the military personnel in military professional activity. The article highlights a model of methodical preparation offuture officers of the national guard to individual education of soldiers, reflecting the internal prerequisites that determine the possibility of a deeply conscious, thoughtful, creative nature of work on yourself. The final result of individual education depends to great extent on the level of their development. That is why it is important to focus on formation and development of these internal prerequisites. in individual education of military staff.