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Professional Education in the Modern World

2019 year, number 1


R.A. Gushcha1, L.N. Berezhnova2
1Novosibirsk Military Institute, Novosibirsk, the Russian Federation
2ST. Petersburg Military Institute of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, the Russian Federation
Keywords: оптимизация, курсант, оптимальность, оптимальное развитие профессиональных качеств, комфортность, рациональность, эффективность, результативность, optimization, cadet, optimality, optimum development of professional qualities. comfort, rationality, efficiency, effectiveness


The article explores optimality as a basis for professional training of troops of the national guard of the Russian Federation. Introduction. The significant task of the national pedagogical science and practice is to find the criteria of training in current conditions. Analytical investigation of the theory of optimization focuses on the reality, functioning of entire educational process of training troops of the National Guard, that is, the possible objective changes in military education. This encourages researchers to search for ways to improve training of servicemen, taking into account the current reality. Methodology and research methods. The authors highlight the features of training military staff at the present time, focusing on relation between optimization of training on the socio-psychological situation of military education. Enhancement of educational process is combined with the need to create a psychologically comfortable learning environment. The authors focus on the needs of elite education, aimed at not the amount of knowledge, skills, fulfillment the high requirements, but the desire to preserve and reproduce the cultural values and traditions of the Russian army. Research results. The article outlines the characteristics of efficiency criteria seen as comfort, efficiency and effectiveness. One of the most important factor is the comfort in learning. This deals with creation of conditions for a sense of inner balance, security, confidence in students» capabilities, self-esteem, etc. Teacher»s feeling of comfort correlates with his spiritual emancipation. Such person is of interest to others, forms a positive experience of relationships in the educational process. The authors conclude that efficient educational process from the point of proposed criteria can be useful in solving the problem of introduction of new information technologies, programs in professional training for the national guard of the Russian Federation.