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Professional Education in the Modern World

2019 year, number 1


M. I. Aldoshina
Orel State University named after I. S. Turgenev, Orel, the Russian Federation
Keywords: предпринимательство, предпринимательские компетенции, университетское образование, бизнес-парк, хакатон, business, business competence, university education, business park, hackathon


The au thor raises the problem of building students ’ business competencies in frames of university education addressing the current situation of post-industrial society and digitality. The paper analyzes methodological and theoretical aspects of competence-based methodology used in professional education, features of practical building of students» business competencies when students are trained on different majors; the nature of these features, structure and content in the flagship university. The author sees cultorology approach rendered in the context of content requirements of competency-based approach as a methodological basis for research. The article analyzes individual training and team building when solving the business tasks. The author explores ethnic and cultural aspects of national professional education in multicultural environment and features of building students’ business competencies in alike university conditions. The paper raises the problem of mechanisms of building the students» business competencies under conditions of Flagship University in the central part of Russia. The object of research is innovative practices in a flagship university resulted from close cooperation among authorities, universities and business sector; and mechanisms of building business competencies in university environment. The author focuses on activities of business park of a flagship university for building students» business competencies in university environment. Hackathon is seen as an interesting analytical form for students» business competencies in the university. Interactive work, teamwork, variations and creative work are main characteristics that combine business capacities and education in order to achieve the common goal.