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Professional Education in the Modern World

2019 year, number 1


V. V. Vikhman
Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk, the Russian Federation
Keywords: социальный феномен, теоретизация, теоретическая схема, абстрактный объект, образование, визуализация, конструирование, social phenomenon, theorization, theoretical scheme, abstract object, education, visualization, designing


The paper makes an attempt to trans- fertraditional theorization of social phenomena in part to its visualization, as additional components of representation of theoretical statements concerning the studied object. Theorization of social phenomena is based on abstraction, formalization, idealization and creation of schemes. The author explores multidisciplinary scientific works devoted to different types of interaction with ideal objects in the course of knowledge of elements of social reality is given in work as the author. Expansion of an outline of theorization by introduction new components of «visual model», according to the author, is based on researches of scientists of visual perception in humanitarian and natural sciences and allows to receive result of theorization in forms, available to thinking of the person, graphic images. The author suggests an approach of designing the results of theoretical reflections of social phenomena, on the example of education, in a bilateral context of theorization. As a bilateral basis of designing the scheme containing the abstract objects acting in the form of ideal and typical constructs of judgment of the studied social phenomenon is offered two-component (theoretical and visual). As a theoretical and methodological basis, act fundamental cross-disciplinary approaches, the gained development in the field of studying of a phenomenon education. The research strategy acting as the scientific base of designing will be made by the groups dominating in scientific community, in results the practician. The analysis of sources display that scientific optics in which prism to be object of knowledge - a phenomenon of «education», it is possible to collect under a uniform «scientific dome»: a normativizm, subjectivity and their integrating paradigm. According to the author, visual designs expand range to judgment and interpretation of theoretical statements of rather social phenomena.